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Swindon Community Choir
On Video

Here are video links to some of our performances filmed by people in the audience and uploaded to youtube.com.

N.B. Before January 2015 Swindon Community Choir were known as Swindon Scratch Choir and many older videos are under this name.

Jazz Concert at Christ Church.  24th November 2018
Moon River

The Bowl, Town Gardens (Choirs Festival).  8th July 2017
Helele Jesu
Birthday Bagpipe Song
So Happy Together

Old Town Festival, Wood Street, Swindon.  14th June 2015
Bamba Ni Ye
Great Day
I'm Alive
Price Tag
Tuxedo Junction
Voro Voro
You Make Me Feel So Young

Brunel Centre, Swindon - for Parkinson's Awareness Week.  24th April 2015
Great Day
Iím Alive
Lean on Me
You Make Me Feel So Young

Designer Outlet Centre, Swindon - raising money for Open Door charity.  14th December 2014
White Christmas (1st)
You Make Me Feel So Young
If I Fell
Carol of the Bells
Tuxedo Junction
In My Room
It Must Be Love
Mele Kalikimaka
Moon River
I'm Alive
White Christmas (2nd)

Gorse Hill Community Centre, Swindon - for Open Door charity show.  November 2014
In My Room
It Must Be Love
Long Road To Freedom

Wyvern Theatre, Swindon - BBC Wiltshire 25th Anniversary Show.  5th April 2014
Part 1.  Includes BBC jingle and Get Lucky.
Part 2.  Includes Moon River and Tuxedo Junction.
Part 3.  Includes Perfect Day and Bamba Niye.
Get Lucky. (Part of it!)

Swindon Railway Station - a flashmob birthday surprise!  May 2013
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The Bowl, Town Gardens, Swindon - 'Picnic in the Park', Old Town Festival.  3rd July 2013
Dedicated To The One I Love
I'm Alive
Leader Of The Pack
Love Like A River Flows
Throw Those Curtains Wide

Central Community Centre, Swindon - Singing for Nick Prater.  18th November 2013
Love Like A River Flows

The Platform, Swindon - Friends and Family show.  13th July 2012
Bamba Ni Ye
En Tout
I'll Fly Away
I'm Alive
Roll The Old Chariot

St. George's, Bristol - Choir Convention end of day performance.  18th April 2011
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Pilgrim Centre, Swindon.  December 2010
Christmas Song

St. George's, Bristol - Choir Convention end of day performance.  2010
Don't Fence Me In / My Lagan Love

St. George's, Bristol - Choir Convention end of day performance.  2009
In My Room / Nkosi Sikelel i'Africa

Arts Centre, Swindon - show time!  5th January 2008
Hey, Big Spender
Hold On
I Can See Clearly
Tebe Piom

The Lawns, Swindon - 'Dawn Chorus' to kick off the Swindon Festival of Literature.  1st May 2006
Songs include:  Sun Rise, I Can See Clearly Now, I Feel Good and Love Like A River Flows
Whole performance

The Bowl, Town Gardens for the Old Town Festival.  June 2008.

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