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Swindon Community Choir was started in 2000 as the Swindon Scratch Choir in the hayloft at Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon, by local musician Linda Lee.  Linda had a dream to create a real community choir in Swindon - an all-inclusive choir that anyone could join to experience the joy of singing with others in spine-tingling harmony!

How many people were told as a child at school that they couldn't sing?  We set out to prove this wrong!  Singing is good for our mental and physical health and creates a sense of belonging to a community.

We teach songs in 2, 3 or 4 part harmony, taught simultaneously by three or four song leaders in small groups.  You choose which group your voice is most comfortable with.  When the parts have been taught, everyone gets back together to sing the complete song and make a fantastic sound.

We sing mainly for the joy and fun of it, and we do occasional performances that people join in if they want - no obligation!

Our Choir leaders use the 'Natural Voice' way of working (see  naturalvoice.net   if you want to find out more) which means that we believe it is our birthright to sing and celebrate the unique voices we have.

We leaders teach and sing under the name of 'InVoice' (see  singtastic.co.uk).  As well as our choirs, we have been running successful workshops for community and workplace groups all over the country.

We also have an all-female teaching and performing group 'Barberelle'.  See us perform at the 2017 Swindon Festival Literature:  youtube.com

Scratch (our former name!) at the Old Town Festival, 25th June 2011

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