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Swindon Community Choir  

Experience the joy of singing beautiful harmony songs.  
Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
No auditions.
No sheet music.
No solos.
All welcome - just drop-in and sing

Monday Nights, (term times) 7.30-9.30pm
£7 on the door, includes refreshments

Central Community Hall, Emlyn Square,
Swindon SN1 5BP   On-Line Map

      June:  18th, 25th.
      July:  2nd, 9th - last before summer break, with snacks!
      Extra!  Summer Extravaganza Session on 16th July with Kate, Vicky & Others.

Friday 22nd June
7.30pm-9.30pm (Performers to arrive for 5.50pm if poss for sound check)
Refugee Week event 'Different Pasts, Shared Future' at the Swindon Dance studios (in the Town Hall).
Songs:  Lean On Me, Unison in Harmony, Your Shoes My Shoes.
Clothing:  Bright and colourful clothing!

Sunday 24th June
11.00am - Suffragette Celebration at Savernake Street Community Hall.
Songs:  Rise up Women, Women's Battle Song, March of the Women, I Can't Keep Quiet.
Clothing:  Purple, green or white items or accessories welcome!

Sunday 24th June
2.00pm - TWIGS Open Day, Cheney Manor Garden Centre.
Songs:  We Got All the Love, Sway, I'm Alive, Strictly Bonkers, Lean On Me, It Must be Love, Unison in Harmony, Hernando's Hideaway, Your Shoes My Shoes.
Clothing:  Something bright and colourful!

Thursday 5th July
Suffragette Breakfast, Marriott Hotel, 9am.
The whole event is from 9am to 11am although you can leave earlier.
Performers are rewarded with a free breakfast.  Please let Linda know if you are going as she needs to let organisers know numbers and will order you a breakfast!
Non-performers are welcome, tickets (at £10) from Susan:  susandypearson@outlook.com.
Songs:  March of the Women, Rise Up Women, The Women's Battle Song, Lean on Me, Sail Away Ladies, I Can't Keep Quiet.
Clothing:  Please wear suffragette colours (or accessories) of purple, green or white.

For more information about Swindon Community Choir and Shaw Singers
      Phone:  Linda on 07570 811873  or  01793 875184
      Email:  info@singtastic.co.uk

Shaw Singers - Tuesday afternoons at Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon.  

Cirencester Community Choir - Thursday evenings in Cirencester.
Contact for Cirencester:  Vicky Sweeney
Phone:  01793 740562  or  07593 833943     Email:  vicky@singtastic.co.uk

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