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Swindon Community Choir  

Experience the joy of singing beautiful harmony songs.  
Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
No auditions.
No sheet music.
No solos.
All welcome - just drop-in and sing

Monday Nights, (term times) 7.30-9.30pm
£7 on the door, includes refreshments

Central Community Hall, Emlyn Square,
Swindon SN1 5BP   On-Line Map

      April:  23rd, 30th.
      May:  [not 7th], 14th, 21st, [not 28th].
      June:  4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.
      July:  2nd, 9th - last before summer break, with snacks!
      Extra!  Summer Extravaganza Session on 16th July with Kate, Vicky & Others.

Monday 7th May
      5.15am - Dawn Chorus at The Lawns.
      Singing:  Dream our Dream, Sway and I'm Alive!

Sunday 24th June
      11.30am onwards - Suffragette community event at Savernake Street Hall.
      2 suffragette songs from the era, including at 12.30pm performance of 'I Can't Keep Quiet'.

Sunday 24th June
      2.00pm - Twigs Open Day, Cheney Manor Garden Centre.

Sunday 30th June
      Potential Children's Fete performance at Faringdon Road Park.  TBC.

Thursday 5th July
      Suffragette Breakfast, Marriott Hotel, 9am.
      SMALL GROUP NEEDED  to sing at this event (near the beginning).
      Please contact Linda if you can join us.
      If you would like to attend the whole event (9am-11am), which includes a breakfast,
      tickets are £10 from Susan:  susandypearson@outlook.com.
      (If you are just singing you do not need a ticket!)

For more information about Swindon Community Choir and Shaw Singers
      Phone:  Linda on 07570 811873  or  01793 875184
      Email:  info@singtastic.co.uk

Shaw Singers - Tuesday afternoons at Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon.  

Cirencester Community Choir - Thursday evenings in Cirencester.
Contact for Cirencester:  Vicky Sweeney
Phone:  01793 740562  or  07593 833943     Email:  vicky@singtastic.co.uk

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